Aims of CAPRN

  1. Creating a space for comparative, collaborative and multidisciplinary analysis of the phenomenon of mass protest  – within the broader discussions in comparative political science.
  2. Development and critical discussion of contentious politics theory over space and time.
  3. Creating an opportunity for the exchange and development of methodological knowhow.
  4. Combination and exploration of original datasets owned by CAPRN participants (survey, protest event, social media, etc.) in unique ways.
  5. Development of best practices and guidelines for collecting and analyzing onsite protest surveys and event analysis research.
  6. Nurturing the development of early career scholars in the field.
  7. Curricula development and support of teaching activities on comparative protest politics.
  8. The collaborative research activities including a co-authored special issue.
  9. Collaboration on collective large grant bids.
  10. Facilitating a pathway to policy impact.
  11. Public engagement though short articles and blogs in the Washington Post and other avenues.


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